My arm a big rock here and yes, there is a zosky servo already in this, the old version. What im going to do is get this one out im going to tell you some of the features about this over the old one im going to install this and then were going to take it outside and run it now lets get this opened up here. Get the package opened up and then, as with all zosky servos, you got the servo there, and then you got a bag here with a bunch of different servo arms, because this is for one rcs. If you got a robot anything like that, that needs this kind of servo they got you covered with all of the different adapters here on this, that is nice to have around just in case you need something else. You got this bag, then also you got a metal servo horn here, and this is the one thats more common that you would probably use the most rc vehicles and then weve got the actual servo. Here now the servo really dont look different than the other one. But let me go ahead and tell you about some of the specs on this. It has the same great features as the original like stainless steel gears, waterproof gasket, 数控, 铝, shell top and bottom bearings, 它有一个 25.2 spline that is used with most rcs, its ip66 rated for waterproof and thats. One reason why i love these servos is because you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Now i want to go over some of the numbers that are different from this one. Compared to the old one torque values, 你有 23 kg at 5 volts with the original this one. You got 31k gf5 volts with a pro. The original had 30 kg at 7.4 伏. The pro has 41 kg at 7.4 伏. The original had 35 kg at 8.4 volts and the pro has 45 kg at 8.4 伏. That is a real nice step up from the old one. Now lets talk about the speed of this servo. 你得到了 0.18 秒 60 degree at 5, volts on the original. The pro here is 0.14 秒 60 degree at 5 伏. The original was 0.13 秒 60 degree at 7.4 伏. The pro here is 0.09 秒 60 degree at 7.4 volts and then on the original. 我们得到了 0.11 seconds at 60 degrees at 8.4 volts and on the pro here we got 0.08 秒 60 degree at 8.4 伏. There is a big difference in the speed on this. So now im going to get the old one out and get this new one installed. Now that i got the original out here on the right and the new pro here on the left, you can see on the outside theres, not really much difference on it. Where youre going to see a difference is besides the old one being dirty its here with the part number you can see, it says ds3235.

这个有, i think that is sc on it or sg. This one has pro on it for the new one. 所以, im going to finish getting this installed: 好, 每个人 都 – i was setting this up and i noticed something real cool. 你可以在这里看到. This one is the old one right here and i still got it plugged in listen to this. I hope you guys can hear that now im going to unplug that one and then plug in the new one here get that plugged in now. 听, you can hear the power difference and you can see the servo moving. That is awesome to show you. This has got way more torque and speed than the original. Now that we got this hooked up, i think were just going to make a huge difference on my big rock. Is i got these proline mx28s on here now? These are a lot wider, bigger heavier tire. Then well stock on this lets check it out. 哦,是的, that looks like its going to be much better on there now lets, take it outside and run it for a little bit all right. Everybody were back out here at the track. We got that zosky servo in were just going to run some laps out here and try it out here see how it goes as you guys can tell. I havent been out here for a while, so the track is mostly grass again, but i just wanted to try this out here and i can tell you right now.

The steering does feel a lot faster than what it was before and thats. What i was hoping for with this on this big rock with the bigger tires, seems to be nice and smooth got a nice little wheelie there and we tumble it, but it flipped back over all right im just running one of my z3s batteries in this right. Now nothing fancy, 但它确实完成了工作, but its definitely making that steering feel real well on it. 我认为, for a vehicle like this, the servo is perfect for one all, the arma servos end up going out anyways. At least i have on every single arma ive ever owned, and this would be a cheap budget option to put on there. Ive also got a zoske and my typhon, because the stock armor went out in that too. This is a great budget option to replace those servos with now with the armas you are going to have to get a different servo saver. I got the hot racing one on both of mine, as you guys saw in the video earlier a little two wheel action. So so all right lets turn around and try it. The other way see how it turns going to the right. Whoo hoo, not using spun out, definitely not used to going to the right, but its still turning pretty good there. Its going both ways a little crazy guys. I just love these servals. They are a great budget option for people.

Ive never had an issue with three. I have ive ran these in my uh axial crawler i used to have i had them in my traxxas stampede. Two wheel drives: i sold those, but i kept the servos. Then i put them in my armors when these armor ones broke. I just love these servos for the price ooh and we skid all right lets. Do one more lap here finish this video out didnt want to be a long runtime video just wanted to try this out here and see how its going and, as you guys can see its working just fine here got plenty of power to move. Those big o tires so as always, im gon na leave a link down below to amazon, for you guys to check this out, dont forget to like share and subscribe hit that notification bell, leave a comment down below and well see you all on the next. 一.