I saw these tires on a Facebook group out there in the ether.. and as soon as I did.. I HAD TO HAVE SOME! These tires inspired this entire build. Funny what an addiction will do to a person… 哈哈!

Im less impressed with the wheels. I should have paid close attention when ordering them, as I was under the impression that the "rings" were for a bead lock setup. In fact it is a GLUE your own tirekinda rim. Plasticbut very light. THIS IS A GOOD THING! Light wheels will make for a truck that fly's high and far. Here are some links for you to see if you are interested in purchasing them. These are affiliate links and I get a kick back from Amazon if you order them..

J Concepts Blue Compound Dragon 2.6 轮子

J Concepts Dragon 2.6 Mega Truck Wheel with Adapter, 黑 (2)

轴向 SMT10 掘墓人怪物 Jam 4Wd RC 怪物卡车越野4×4 Electric Ready to Run with 2.4GHz Radio and Waterproof ESC, 1/10 Scale RTR

The shocks I installed I purchased on eBay.. they are from "Hot Racing".. and are 120mm in size. There is only a spring inside them.. and you CAN fill them with shock oil. I am choosing not to, for this build.

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