Previous incarnations have always delivered impeccable reliability, a generous warranty, good efficiency and strong value for money, but in doing so things such as style, desirability and fun have fallen by the wayside. Toyota is hoping to change all of that with this fourth generation, with sensible boxes ticked. For your head and a few ticked for your heart as well before we get started here’s your reminder to subscribe to the cargurus uk youtube channel and click the bell icon to turn on those notifications, you’ve got to think that the reason why most of the previous Yarises were seen as functional tools rather than fashion statements was probably down to the rather safe styling. 嗯, even amongst handsome competition. We feel this latest yaris stands out a mile. The gaping grill and angled headlights give it some real visual aggression and everywhere you look there’s another interesting bulge or crease that catches the eye. The red and black two tone. Paint job is specific to the highly spec launch edition car we’ve got here, but all yaris models get smart alloy wheels and led daytime running lights and all but the entry level car have the full led lighting front and rear while we’re on the subject of trim Levels let’s talk about the five things you need to know about the toyota yaris number, one all versions come well equipped that entry level car is called the icon and comes with automatic air conditioning, a reversing camera, a touchscreen infotainment system with apple carplay and android, auto Dynamic trim gives you sports seats, part leather upholstery and a push button starter and excel trim adds some extra safety gear, such as blind spot monitoring, while we’re on the subject of safety.

Number two lots of clever driver assistance systems come as standard. These include adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, lane, keeping assist and automatic high beam headlights that’s all helped the yaris achieve the full five star rating in euro end cap crash tests number three. If you’re after a petrol or a diesel, yaris, then you’re out of luck, because they’re only available in hybrid, a 1.5 litre 3 cylinder petrol engine is teamed with an electric motor and a continuously variable automatic transmission to deliver 114 制动马力. It can drive up to 80 miles per hour on electric. Only power and claimed average fuel economy stands at up to 68.9 miles per gallon number four. We did fib a little bit on that last point, because there is one yaris that is not a hybrid, and that is the gr hot hatch. We haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but with four wheel drive a bespoke three door body and 257 brake horsepower from its 1.6 liter turbocharged engine. We cannot wait to number five price of the yaris, so the icon starts at 20 000 磅, which means it’s, not a cheap car, although that’smaybe not quite so much of a surprise given that standard, hybrid drive, train and all of that equipment, then this launch Edition starts at about 24 000 pounds just over and that gr hot hatch well that’s, just under 30 000 磅. How much practicality do you get for your money, 然后? 嗯, boot space could be described as adequate there’s just about enough space to fit a lightweight small stroller or a weekly shop, but plenty of rivals do offer more.

You’Ve also got a load lip to contend with, and a step on the floor. When you fold the 60 40 split rear seats down, but you can level both off with a false boot floor. It’S a similar story back here. Space is adequate for most people: 我: five foot, four and a half and it’s okay. If you’re pushing six foot, you might find that headroom and legroom could be a little better and then because these rear windows are so small, it does feel a little bit dark and dingy back here up front is in far greater supply. 谢天谢地 – and there is plenty of adjustment in the seatall models, the seats go up and down and of course they go backwards and forwards and then you’ve got reach and rake adjustment in the steering wheel. So you should be able to find a comfortable driving position. 现在, because of the low slung dashboard and these thin pillars, visibility out of the front is fantastic. Those rear windows, 然而, and the pillars that separate them mean that visibility out the back could be better. 谢天谢地, 然后, for those standard, reversing cameras, all versions except the entry level, one get. What toyota calls binocular instruments with these two pod, like gauges, placed either side of a digital display. The pod works fine, but the screen between them is small. So when you try and scroll through the various menus with this controller on the steering wheel, it’s all very cluttered and hard to read the central touch screen isn’t ideal either the graphics are sharp and clear, but many of the menus aren’t very elegantly arranged.

So some features can be hard to find and don’t be fooled by this map button. When you press it, 它说: navigation is not available on your system, and that is standard across all of the irises. None of them have got a built in sat nav. 话虽如此, the built in smartphone integration system means that you can use your phone sat nav on the screen on the quality front, everything feels as solid and as substantial as we’ve come to expect from toyota, so the cabin feels like it should last a lifetime. There are some decent materials too, such as the rubberized, covering on the top of the dashboard here and we’ve got some gloss black panels and the fabric inserts on the doors are also rather lovely what’s. Not quite so good is the leading edge of the dash and if you look in some other places, there’s some hard scratchy plastic, which is not quite so good and is a little bit hard and less appealing Applause. 现在. The first thing you need to be mindful of with the yaris is the gear selector. In most automatics, you pull the gear selector down as far as it will go and that will get you into drive, whereas with the yaris that actually selects, b mode. Instead of d that’s, a battery regeneration mode that basically works, the petrol engine harder in order to quickly generate more electricity for the battery, so driving around in this mode under normal circumstances, will damage both your economy and your refinement.

Get your selection right and the yaris is a very relaxing car to drive. You don’t have to change gear for starters, and the steering is light and responsive and providing your gentle and smooth at the accelerator pedal. Most of the time you can roll around in electric mode, this makes trundling around town really quiet. All you really hear is the gentle rumble of the tyres on the towel back and that’s about it, and even when the petrol engine is called upon for some help, it’s quite quiet, you can hear a faint murmur from under the bonnet, and i really do mean Faint, 然后, when you apply the throttle pedal a little harder and a sudden burst of acceleration is required. The cvt transmission sends the revs towards the rev limiter and they stay there and to ease off again. So while that does mean a lot more noise, it doesn’t leave your ears ringing, like hybrids of old it’s, not painfully irritating, and the burst of acceleration is actually quite impressive. So it’s relaxing and quiet most of the time and it’s good to know that you’ve got a little bit of pace if you need it. What isn’t? Quite so relaxing, 另一方面, is the ride. Their suspension feels decidedly firm, especially at low urban speeds, and you will feel more of the bumps in the road than you do in many rivals. It stops just short of being uncomfortable. I mean you will be jiggled and jittered a bit more than you might expect.

Although at motorway speeds it does flatten out a bit which is good, so that’s a bit more comfortable for cruising. 话虽如此, 在 70 英里每小时, you do get a bit of road noise, which is a little irritating so not quite calm and tranquil. With this firmer ride comes some good handling, 有, actually quite a lot of grip, and the car feels quite agile it’s, not as impressive as a ford fiesta in this regard, but some fun can still be had Music. So the toyota yaris is not the most comfortable or practical car of its type, but all that standard equipment, the efficient hybrid drive train and the generous 100 000 5 year warranty make it well satisfy the sensible side of the brain, 它, sharp, styling and agile handling. Give it a fun factor that it never had before it’s not cheap, but for those who buy it will definitely feel it is worth the money we’d love to know if you agree with our verdict on the toyota yarra.