This is the first 10 scale rock crawler that we’ve unboxed on the channel um it’s the rgt uh ex 86181 um. They call it the crusher um it’s kind of scaled after kind of like an old truck. It looks kind of to me like a cross between an old power wagon and like an old international truck or something like that uh. It looks really cool uh, let’s, uh let’s get into this guys all right. The first thing i kind of wanted to talk about is the uh, the condition of the box um. Now i don’t believe this is anything that rgt themselves have a problem with, but the the shipment company that they use, i think, is a little rough on these packages. The box came to me really really dented up and has a couple of gouges and holes in it, and things like that, like, as you can see like right, there there’s a big gouge right there and then the big hole on the top where the uh the Smoke stack of the truck was poking out: um i’m, not going to fault rgt for anything like that um. I understand that this time of year is really really really busy for for the shipping companies um, and i think that they’re just a little bit rough on these cars this time of year, so just don’t take the condition of the box, necessarily as a condition of The vehicle so uh let’s get into that and we’ll take a look at the truck itself, all right, here’s, a look at the truck itself, um, a really really nice green, color um, but first let’s take a look at what we get in the box.

First thing we get uh is this transmitter here it’s the uh? This is a four channel dumbo rc style, uh controller, similar to what i just got in the jlb cheetah. Only this one has the rgt branding directly on the bottom of it. These are really nice controllers. I really like them so uh i’m, happy to see that i have another one of these that makes me. I like that. Um you get a little accessories bag right here. Uh that has hubcap covers that you can screw in with these um or you can zip tie them. It looks like it looks like these little are. These are the little windshield wipers you can add on. If you wanted to put on your windshield wipers, hubcap carriers and the screws to install them so that’s in the accessories bag get two sets of decals one. It looks like it’s for the bed of the truck um, so you can either choose to have wood, grain or diamond plate, whichever one you choose and then you have your like: accessory decals and sponsor branding decals, you get a legitimate hobby wing sticker and then a Couple others on this sheet, that’s a mix of like real brands and just made up stuff that they use and then finally last thing you get is just a simple um wall, charger um, but it is a european plug. So uh you’ll need an adapter to plug that into american outlets to make it work or you’ll have to use a an upgraded hobby grade, rc charger.

So that’s a look at what you guys get in the box. Uh let’s take a look at the truck up. Close all right, here’s a look at this body um. This is a really really nice body um. This green color is absolutely gorgeous um. I was expecting a much darker color uh just by the advertised pictures that you find on the websites to buy these from um. But man when i got this thing out of the box, it is absolutely gorgeous. Um, nice chrome side, pipe um, that’s one little thing that i did want to point out uh. This was sticking out of the top of the box and the. If you can see right there, some of the chrome is rubbed off and it’s just black underneath, so that was the only damage it really had in shipping just a little minor rubbish off of that, but other than that it’s. Not a big deal turn it around to the front here. Take a look at the front details on this truck. These really really nice mirrors on the side. Again, there are more accessories in the bag. There are windshield wipers. You can install right up in here. You can just drill little holes and put them where you need them. Then it has the snorkel little nice little molded snorkel onto the side. Then it has the light buckets. These are working lights on this truck really really neat has front lights, and it also has turn signals, so those are really really nice.

Let’S go around to the back kind of on the side. First, here you can see these nice, like um skid plates, like uh rock runners right there that go along the side, and then you have this back like a flatbed style bed with a roll bar, and then it has a spare tire up here and it has A backup light up there, little fire extinguisher and man what a nice truck, but one thing i do want to point out about the body that is really really neat. Is that it’s just a magnet? There are no body clips anywhere, just a magnet you just pop it open flip it up. You just got to watch the light, just look at the light wires going in right there. If you want to flip it all the way up, you have to unplug those, but it is a flip top. I like that just sits right back down on the magnets. All right let’s talk about the wheels and tires on this thing: um, really really nice wheel and tire combo here um again, you can put the um molded hubcap covers on the top and uh right there. You can screw them right into those hole. Those holes right there um, but the compound is really really nice and soft nice and not the tackiest wheels in the world. But they’re really really nice for ready to run tires um like a medium soft kind of foam in them and they feel like they’re, going to do great on the rocks um.

Those are actual true bead locks, so uh no issues with uh having to vent tires or anything like that. So you have bead, lock, tires that’s nice, so that’s a nice look at the wheels and tires i mean there’s, a nice close up, look right there about where you can mount in those uh hubcap covers you just screw into those holes and there you can have Nice covers for the uh for the axle nut. Okay, so i went ahead and uh unhinged the body uh to let us take a look at what’s, underneath the truck a little bit closer uh just comes off with a simple uh, two millimeter uh hex wrench, and then two uh small bolts, so that’s easy to Get off there and then it just comes right off just like that. So uh let’s take a closer look at what’s, underneath this rig all right. We’Ll go ahead and start here at the front of the truck um first thing off. I want to start off with uh. Is that it’s a straight axle truck? It does not have portals um. So if anybody was looking at this truck and was wondering if they had portals or not, it does not it’s just a simple straight axle um. It is a four link, but it is a panhard bar, so there is a panhard bar underneath there you look underneath past the servo link underneath the and the the curved one. There is the panhard bar um.

If you look there um the steering link, it actually does have a metal uh servo horn. So you have an aluminum servo horn. There that’s nice, a nice uh polished uh, looking pumpkin housing there, but it is just plastic but that’s. Just a chrome coloring, the axle housing is all plastic uh, but it does have metal cbd’s in the truck uh front and rear. So you get nice metal, cbd’s um, those. So those are nice and strong for you, um nice little clips hinges um. Those are just molded plastic, so don’t, you know don’t yank on those too hard, so it’ll come off. Those are just little scale. Parts um let’s look here at these shocks because these shocks are actually really nice on this truck um they’re, an all aluminum body shock, but they do have like plastic adjuster and little um undersides. You know and then the retainer on the bottom. Underneath there, the retainer, underneath there, the spring retainer that’s plastic as well, but really high quality shock. Those things have a great movement. I mean that’s excellent movement and you can adjust the preload here. So you can even soften the truck up a bit so that’s cool, um, 15 kilogram metal gear servo waterproof. So that should be adequate for this truck. If i have any problems with it, i’ll just throw in like a 20 or 25 kilogram that i already have set aside for it and then a brushed motor here but i’m, not sure what the turn rating is so uh.

If anybody knows that you know leave that down in the commentsand let me know what the turn rating is on this truck um, because um i’d like to know if i can go up or down in the future uh, depending on what my application’s gon na, Be so uh if anybody knows how many turns are in that turn in that motor uh. Give me a comment. Let me know. Excuse me. Next up comes with a nickel metal hydride battery. I think it’s, a six cell with a dean’s plug. You know nothing crazy, it’s, just a it’s, a crawler, so um it’ll get you going it’s, uh, 2000 milliamp, so it’s, probably good for in a crawler, probably 30 or 40 minutes or running, maybe a little longer. Depending on how you drive it uh, you got a sealed receiver box with the antenna here that was kind of tucked in um, sealed receiver box in there, with your four channel receiver, um and then come over here to this side and here’s. One of the really really nice features of this truck um it’s, an actual it’s, a true hobby wing, um, speed controller, so uh. It comes set from the factory here and get my camera to focus there. We go comes set at nickel metal hydride mode, but you can move the jumper over and put it into lipo and i think it can handle up to 3s. So that’s really really nice.

And then, if you get a second jumper um, you can adjust your uh. Your driving modes to forward reverse neutral all that kind of stuff. You can change that with a separate jumper, so that’s a look at the the speed controller that you get in the truck. Actually, a really nice high quality, speed controller, considering um the price tag um. So let’s take a look at the back, so the back of the truck these shocks, this suspension setup is really really neat. This is probably the biggest feature of this truck. This is probably the highlight feature of this vehicle. It actually uses like cantilever style suspension. It’S still a four link but it’s a cantilever, so it uses these uh. These push rodsand it goes up in herehas these arms, these actuator arms, and they engage these shocks. So just like thatand this allows a ton of flexi mean a ton and it has almost perfect shock resistance. The whole movement through so i’m really really interested to see how that performs on the rocks. I think that’s going to be really really neat. I mean it it flexes like crazy, look at that, you can tilt it all the way and it’s not even worried about it. What a neat truck this is the first rock crawler i’ve had in a really really long time, so i’m actually really really stoked on it um. So if you give me just a second we’ll flip, this thing over and we’ll take a look at the belly of the truck.

All right, let’s take a closer look at these axles and uh the suspension. Everything is up upside down, so just for a point of reference. Just understand that everything’s upside down at the moment, um here’s kind of a close up, look at the axles themselves. You can see how they go together. Um. This is a something i really did want to point out about the truck as well is it has all metal drive, shafts um in the upper transmission, the main drive shaft and the rear drive shaft they’re, all metal, so that’s really really cool um. Before i run this truck i’m gon na throw a little bit of thread lock and all the grub screws, just in case they don’t put any from the factory just so i don’t have any slippage. The links are really nice, they’re, probably three or four millimeter thick upper and lower links, and then you have just a plastic skid on the bottom, which um i’ll either make something or i’ll try to find something that fits that’s, an aluminum skid for that it doesn’t. Then uh let’s see, if there’s anything else on the truck to really point out there’s a look at that that servo arm just a straightforward, servo arm no servo saver on this because it’s a crawler, you don’t, really need that. So yeah guys flip it back over. This way, another thing it is a front engine design, so you have the front uh motor and then it has a you know goes down in here into the the transmission and then back to the transfer case here and that’s.

What you know drives this whole truck. So it does have all metal gears in all of the metal uh the transmission and the transfer case is all metal um, so yeah. This truck should be a really long, lasting, durable vehicle. So i’m really excited to get this thing out on the rocks, guys pretty cool truck Music. Okay, everybody uh that’s, been my unboxing of the rgt crusher, the uh ex 86181 we’re gon na get this thing out on the rocks here real soon, for you guys, so you can uh see this thing in action. I’M. Really really looking forward to getting this thing out there and seeing what it’s capable of so uh everybody give this video a like uh share it uh subscribe. If you guys are new uh give it you know, do the thumbs up, do all that stuff! Uh leave a comment. Let me know what you think i should do to this truck in the future and uh. If anybody knows how many turns are in that uh brushed motor. Let me know this has been troy from choice.