I’Ll show that later i’m just going to reach in right now power it up. 好, 首要的事: i’m going to want to do is kind of trim. This out a little bit make sure it’s running forward. Okay it’s got a little bit of left to it. Even with the road tires it slides around. Pretty good still seems to go a little left. 掌声, i’m gon na throw out some uh cheap frisbees. I bought a while back kind of make a little track. Let’S see get a little slalom here, one two three one more so come around there. 好, so let’s go around here. Let’S try turning up this gyro thing a little bit all the way up, see what it does. That thing makes it really jittery let’s try midway: 好, 我, turning the gyro off Music, so Applause Applause, 所以音乐, miss that one Applause! 掌声, 掌声, 掌声, ah uh, 掌声, 音乐; 现在, 音乐, 嗯, 音乐; 是的, 谢谢! 哦. I think i need to rebuild the diffs kind of see what’s inside here: 好, first opinions, um drive’s, nice overall it’s, a lot of fun to drive corners, 相当不错. It was pretty consistent kind of getting to know it there’s our headlights on um. I think i need to try it on regular asphalt with these tires uh. This is kind of a smooth surface, it’s a lot of dust on it, and that may be why it’s a little hard to control wants to slide a lot.

Um also might take it apart. Uh see what’s in these diffs clean it up a bit, but overall it’s a nice little platform and straight out of the box with no real mods to it. It’S a lot of fun to drive it’s easy enough to uh, trim it out and stayed trim um. I wasn’t real fond of the gyro. It seemed to make it harder to control, not easier um, just my opinion, but that’s again. First time driving so i’ll have to uh have to try it again. At some point there we go having those headlights on is a good way to know if you got that little uh receiver button off.