This one is sent to me by secure, so thank you very much link to the product is in the description as always now let’s get to it. This is like a little brother of the sq001 i have been using, but it is cheaper and less complicated, by which i mean it. Doesn’T have upgradable firmware, 然而, it still has temperature control from 100 自 400 degrees celsius and also sleep timer. So you are not missing much hair inside the box, we have a manual, a sticker, a stand: a hex screwdriver, some splash screws, usb type c, two barrel connector and a cable from xt60 to barrel, connector and here’s the iron. It is pretty simple with two buttons: it runs on 12 自 24 伏特在这里, where to put the tip in and it is powered by usb type c. You can choose the tip that comes with it too. Here i have the hoof tip, so i can solder a flat surface or desolder some pins out of a pcb easier. This should be handy when i convert a receiver to microplugs. I have also got the scissor tip too. It uses the same tips as ts 100 and they are easy to find to put the tip in pull the rubber grip back and you’ll, see the screws put the tip in and then screw it down or if you remove or change the tips regularly. You don’t have to screw it down. The tip is not going to come off that easily, comparing to the sq001 or the ts100.

This is bigger and easier to hold. The rubber grip is really comfortable. It doesn’t come with a power source, so you’ll have to provide your own. You can use an adapter like this with barrel connector. You can use three to five s lipo battery to power it when you are out in the field. This truly makes it a portable soldering iron and since it is powered by usb type c, i suppose you could use a power bank too if it can output 12 自 20 伏. 不幸, my power bank doesn’t work with it and i don’t know if it is from the wire or something else. It is easy and simple to use, hold the a button to start heating up. 正如你所看到的, it hits up pretty quickly. 在 23, volt hold the b button to increase the temperature, hold the air button to decrease the temperature and when you want to stop hold both a and b buttons at the same time, to stop heating up and you’ll, see the temperature falling finally unplug to turn It off now let’s check the temperature. 正如你所看到的, it is really accurate, now i’m gon na go and solder something to see if it is any good. 音乐做音乐, so Music do Music, so the result speaks for itself. This is a very good soldering. Iron, 然而, the tips don’t transfer the heat, as well as the original ts100 tips. So once i swapped that for an original tip, i can solder a wire as big as 12 gauge very easily.

因此,在结论, i highly recommend it, especially if you want a portable soldering iron with temperature control. It is cheaper than sq001 or ts100, but it works just as well and that’s it for this video please subscribe. If you want to see more content like this and hit the bell icon to get the notification, whenever i upload a new video, you can follow me on facebook or social media for quick updates, return, reviews news and see what i’m doing between videos.