One two four zero one, eight don’t forget to smash like and subscribe thanks for, watching guys all right, 人. 第一件事. 第一, i picked this up from makerfire and boy i’m impressed. It is the best carton i’ve ever received of any rc card, delivered there’s, not even a kink on it, guys it’s in tip top shape, thanks the guys at makerfire for triple layering, equal protection and a guy’s guess when i got here right on christmas eve, smack Bang perfect timing couldn’t be happier thanks to makerfire guys there’s gon na be a link in the top comment pinned with my discount code to get one of these for seven percent off and also a link in the description hope you guys enjoy this it’s gon na. Be the detailed unboxing of the wltoys one, 两个四零一: eight all right guys, it’s time, let’s get this box off i’ll talk, 让我们, get it off all right, strap over there wltoys guys always include a lipo charger, very basic guys, but it’s 2s lipo charging Capable via usb wheel, wrench instruction manual so guys it’s, actually a 112 scale wltoys one, 二, 四零一. Eight all right guys keep that at the side here get the packaging supports out awesome. They put these in bring these out chuck these over here standard wltoys. Radio guys go back check out. My other video i’ve got a pro rain check with the stock electronics. 我可以得到 120 meters plus range, so this is it guys, just a real basic radio.

You got to be of throttle, 修剪, 油门, 修剪, 转向装饰. So you’ve got a little bit of tuning there, nice foam grip, pretty ergonomic that’s, it guys 2.4 吉加赫茨, pretty standard. All right check it out. 看看那些家伙! Look at the appearance! 第一, impressions guys awesome. I’M actually blown away guys. This is it. This has got to be guys. This is the rc car. This is way better than one two, 四零, 一, nine look! 你是什么, getting you get an extra wheel, 美丽, rigid rear wing it’s got a really tough canopy, 伙计们,这是, like a frame. Reinforced structural design. You’Ve got rear, 保险 杠, front bumpers, awesome guys. This is a let’s check out the suspension on it straight out of the box stock. Oh wow beauty, beautiful suspension. 看看那些家伙. She can do little circles side to side front to back the front. He’S actually, first up your toys, but the front’s not too stiff. Look at that beautiful all right, 人, let’s check it out so there’s a little two little drivers in here. A couple little drivers in there they’ve got like a little. 我认为, it’s a fire extinguisher. Awesome there’s a spare wheel in the back, so let’s pop the hood. This design is so cool guys, 我会, actually for a second just before i pop the hood i’ll just sit here for a second i’ll pull a one, two four zero one line now guys real quick side by side.

This is one that’s. Full speed run ready converted. So it’s got a few modifications to it, but guys check out the styling which one do you prefer: you’ve got purple purple and then you’ve got like the tough black and blue guys. I’Ve got to say this. One it’s definitely got to be. If you’ve got a young boy, you want to get him a gift. This is the rc car it’s, so tough looks like you can take more of a beating too you’ve got the strong, reinforced bumpers it’s a menacing design. All right put this away: let’s not spoil it. This is something i’ve been waiting for for a long time, guys to just pop out the canopy and just see what’s going on inside here. Let’S get it onto the light here. So this is my solar station i’ve. 实际上, lipo converted to get it extra bright check that out, so the canopy hinges open, 井, there’s leds in there no way all right guys so it’s the stock, typical wltoys electronics same as in the one four four: zero zero one and the one two four zero. One nine five fifty brush can it’s actually a little bit longer in length than the 540 that’s in the earlier 118 star models, 相同的埃斯卡, 人, 它, actually 2s max recommendations. Some people get lucky hit and miss. You can run 3s some people as soon as you plug it in press. The throttle boom, alright guys so yeah brush motor brush esc comes stock with a lipo.

So you guys these come ready to run out of the box with a lipo and charger everything that’s needed so wltoys as soon as this arrives, guys let’s just do a quick voltage check, we’ll just see where it comes, what it comes with i’m, pretty sure that’s. 它的家伙 7.6, you can actually run it, as is out of the box awesome, so it comes with a little bit of charge. All you need to do guys is purchase four times double a batteries for this radio or check out my earlier video. If you want the pro rain track mod to get over 100 meters there’s a little secret guys how to power these bad boys up all right, let’s continue the tool guys, if this so inside guys look at that awesome there’s, like a cool little like cockpit inside There underneath the canopy, where it flips up so you’ve, got the led lights running straight off that esc there, this little plug with the led lights going to the top let’s quickly plug it in guys, let’s just check these lights out, so we’ll just set the battery Back in there loose for now just to quickly plug it in let’s, just fire it up quickly, 家伙 音乐, 棒! 哦, 看那个. That’S sick check. Those out hang on i’ll, just in the shop lights for a second here, guys dim the shop lights here. Look at that they’re awesome let’s check it out all right fire these lights back up what a little beast! 好, what i’m gon na do now guys is i’m, actually curious.

I wan na what makes this different compared to the one two four zero one, nine hope. You’Ve enjoyed this so far guys make sure to smash a like and subscribe. 看看它. What a menace all right, let’s have a bit of a look at it to get some tooling out, 好吧, 人, 我, going to do a quick little product plug here. This is the xiaomi electric driver. This is a step up guys from what i’ve been using. This is for more serious bolts. It’S got a bit more torque, actually guys. Oh let’s open it up to a bit of look so that’s the box. It comes in also comes with this beautiful case. 人. Look at this it’s a nice like a hard case design. This is an absolute beast, comes with a nice little box of hardware here. So what have we got for a couple of beats all right check it out guys what an absolute beast. So i had a bit of a scheme through the specs guys. 看看它. This actually won the design award of 2019 我, pretty sure guys, because the incorporation of the usb type c so it’s, actually the modern type usb that’s, the flip flop, type c. You can plug it in either way. Most modern phones have the same charger. Small phillips put in the extension at that all right, just chuck those bits back in there for now: 好吧家伙, so what i’ve been waiting to do with this it’s? 实际上, a bit of a look so i’ve popped, the canopy there i’ve had a beautiful look under there now guys i actually want to undo this bonnet panel have a bit of a look so make sure it’s on undo wonderful man, actually a lot shorter than i Thought kept that first, one going for ages are actually short little bolts, 所有正确的家伙, let’s have a bit of a look underneath let’s check out the difference here, pop that panel off wow.

看看那些家伙. That is superb there’s, 哦, 有, like a hinging bracket. Here for the bumper, so the bumper can flex guys have a look close in there there’s like a hinging bracket, design wow. That is super cool guys. This like this, is it guys everybody wants to have a bit of a bash a bit of a play around. Everyone complains when they break if you’re careful and you use something like this with reinforced bumpers guys, i can’t see you having any issues at all. If you hit something like a wall front on it’s, going to completely absorb that impact there for that hinge design, 这是真棒. So the support brace goes right through looks like it’s a full plastic shock tower at the front, guys there’s. Actually something else really cool. 我注意到, if this, where the um shocks joined to the rear swing. Arms is a fully unique piece, so we’ll just shut that canopy down check that out guys there’s like a plug. If all right guys, i just can’t help myself. I just want to show you guys, while you’re here we’re, just going to undo the side panel actually there’s. Quite a few screws there’s a little one at the front there hidden under there get that one out that one out this couple on the side here, gee the magnet’s so good. On the tip of these guys, you can always just leave the bolts piling up blue one there Music another little one back here.

These are pretty small bolts guys you want to pay attention a small bolt like this. 危险是, it can actually get magnetized pulled into the magnets on the motor, and you can gen the motor up through the motor vents it can easily fit in. So keep these down guys i’m. 实际上, using it’s magnetic workbench i’ve got magnetic pads and i’ve also got a little tub, i’ve cut out with magnet magnets right in the bottom. So what we’ll do guys is we’re going to just double check, there’s another bolt so that’s it the reveal guys that’s what i’ve been waiting for since this model came out. Guys i’ve just been waiting to see this look at it. The fairings are off, so you got a reinforced bumper look at the design guys unreal wltoys has really come leaps and bounds. Look let’s actually check under this let’s. Get that spare wheel off the back there, Music that’s a pretty long one so check it out guys. Five wheels, so you get an extra wheel guys just the value of that this rear rear wing guys is super. Rigid it’d actually serve its purpose. It won’t flop around when it gets a bit of aero from speed, 它会, actually work, there’s a 12 点, hex log. Oh wow actually guys there’s a little fake engine guys. 这有多酷? 所以? Not only is there the little driver dudes in there there’s actually a little there’s, a little nos bottle, a little fire extinguisher and then there’s the fake engine in the back guys.

This is sweet, so check out the back here. I can actually probably pull it apart for you guys a little bit more let’s just get that roof panel off real quick. Just make sure my um put my guards here so that’s the uh side, fairing guys it’s a nice side, fairing panel, just unbolts a couple of screws in there you’ve got the bonnet panel that unbolts. So these guys these would be very easy to wrap or paint when they’re off like this in separate form, you can do some very cool artwork guys. The modification potential for these buggies is unreal. These are awesome. 好吧, 让我们快速, rip that roof off the suspension is sweet. I can see some off road speed runs coming up with these guys. A bit of extra length is going to provide a lot more stability and the added bonus of more electronics you can fit in this model. This will be an easy contender for some nice off road speed runs, get the roof panel off there. Oh wow check that design out guys. 太棒了, 所以有, a nice central support ring there nice sturdy frame, 设计, wow guys. This is cool as just get it right onto the light. There guys check it out. Wow wltoys one two, 四零一: eight naked undrooped guys this is the first proper review of this model where someone’s had a real good look taking the time to pull it apart, for you guys check it out so underneath that canopy it’s just frame guys all Just bar work, so you can actually you can undo these two bend these two screws.

You can pull that part out there and then you can see straight through that that part there will quite easily come off. I’Ll use it here guys well, i’ve got the tools for it may as well. Just quickly show you guys this, the two men just come out, so there you go guys that’s the little heads everyone can play and sit a bit low, no worries guys just prop them up, so you can easily make a space that change the height here. 那是. The two heads out just get the hardware here to the sidelittle ones here holding it down. You can piece these out through here, so this is the first proper review, guys where you can fully see what you’re getting. I don’t think anyone else has done this. No one’s actually gone to the trouble of pulling apart one of these before we show you guys how the design is, but since wltoys has stepped up and made something totally unique here, why not guys? Why not let’s have a really good look at this see exactly what we’re getting all right guys so that panel there’s loose that should be able to lift out like just squeezing all right guys so that’s it so that’s the panel, the heads pop onto so quite Easily guys you can give them necks, you can prop them up. So anyone that’s complaining about these sitting low it’s, a nothing guys. You can just put a little bit of something under there prop him up, he’ll be cool, as you can put any head in there.

You want so the can be you to fun guys i’m, encouraging everyone to do a bit of creativity with these builds, because you really like look at these guys so that’s the top frame wow. What a beast of a structure let’s get the stock lipo out same as the one two four zero one: nine twenty two hundred milliamp hour, so guys there’s. Actually the rear shock tower here, not sure if you guys can see it’s. This super slimline design and same thing it’s. 实际上, the rear shock tower becomes the frame bracket to hold the chassis guys. I hope you can actually see how good this is. 太神奇了. I’Ve got to say guys, i’m blown away value for money guys. This is the car there’s. No comparison, you definitely have to get your hands on one of these. You got ta own both. If you sat on the fence and didn’t buy the one two four zero one: nine guys you must pop and buy one of these. These are so cool. You can change the leds out. You can go nuts with the um body, modifications you can change the drivers around guys. You can even put different engine styles in the back. You can get rid of that. You could put a little fake motor in there. Look at the rear wing awesome front back bumper tubular design chassis five wheels.