They sent a one, 两个四: 零一: 九呃。, the big brother to the one; 四四: 零: 零一, big brother by a little bit and uh. So i want to do that. I want to thank banggood for sending the car out and we’ll get on with the review real quick. I will throw this one other little thing in. I picked up a couple of gopros to try to start recording with and uh i’m gon na grab a handful of accessories for these and try some of the different accessory kits. So if you’re interested in stuff, 诸如此类, as i try different accessories, 嗯,我会 – maybe mention that in some of my videos, that’s not going to be my primary focus. But anyway i thought. Maybe that would be interesting for some of you. So if you want to keep up with the gopro stuff, if you want to keep up with the review on this car i’m, not going to be able to do a run video today because of the weather. But if you want to keep up with that, subscribe to the channel and i’ll catch you on the other side of the intro Music, for those of you that are watching my channel before you know i’m, not real much for unboxing videos or not a conventional unboxing. 不管怎样, but since this car was furnished to me by banggood and for people that have never ordered anything directly from china, i kind of want you to know what to expect if you uh, if you order this car directly through one of the linksand there will Be an affiliate link and i’ll add a coupon code down in the bottom.

Also i don’t know which coupon is available right now, but i’ll see what uh it’ll either be a 7 or a ten percent off on this car. I believe i will put that in the description to let you know what the coupon code is for. So this is how the car shows up it’ll be packaged in this shipping package. Bright orange colored. So let’s go over this in a little a little more detail than i normally do. It’S one two: 四: 零一: 九 – and this thing has everything except the four double a’s for the transmitter, so it’s ready to run other than four double a’s four wheel. 驾驶 2.4 gigahertz uh radio system. This has a 550 brushed motor and uh and they’re showing 55 公里每小时. Uh on the box. I don’t remember what that works out to in kilometers per hour. I’Ll put that up on the screen somewhere. So in the box we have the factory charger and a lot of people condemn these. They work great, but they’re slow. So if you don’t have a hobby charger which, if you get into this and you decide, this is what you want to do and you’re happy with it. You will want to upgrade to a hobby charger, but for now these are not junk they’re. Just a little bit slow, i’ve checked several of these, and the balance charge did really well. They came out right on the money as far as the balance charge was concerned and your standard wl toys, radio system and i like the foam grips on there.

Some of them are plastic. I like the foam myself and here’s the car. This is the first one of these i’ve actually had in my hand, and nothing underneath here. Let me get all this stuff out of the way pins out of here, so this one came with two batteries: either one of them was strapped down. One was just inside the car, the other one was inside the box uh. It appears that both of these are identical and we see okay, 2200 毫安普, 7.4 volt 2s batteries kind of look over this thing a little bit with you. The rear tires are towed in just a tiny bit, and for those of you that don’t know you can pull these two screws out. Let me zoom in just a wee bit. You can pull these two screws out these little inserts pop out and the hole in there is offset, so you can flip them over and it uh removes the toe from the rear wheels, and this this one appears that the toe is toed out just a little Bit i have a hard time with that because i wear trifocals and i look like i’m looking at stuff like this through a gopro lens, so sometimes stuff. That’S straight looks like a smiley face to me, 但我, pretty sure that’s towed out just a bit. You’Ve got camber links on the top and your toe links on the back. 然而, the way this is set up when you adjust the the camber, it will have some effect on the toe, so you you’ll have to kind of go back and forth and till you get that, where you want it to be, these uh shocks feel pretty good.

I know on the first version of this car that they sent out uh. They were. There was some issue with the shocks having really the wrong fluid in them. A lot of people were dumping, some of the fluid out. 哦, this looks this looks really good right out of the box, so they’ve um they’ve addressed the issue with the shocks, so the shocks uh for those of you that are new to these. These are adjustable for preload. You can turn these collars up and down, and it compresses the spring more or less. You can change the the way. The thing rides, depending on the surface that you’re going to run on a lot of guys are doing. Speed runs with these. If you can see down in here, there’s a little hole right here and you put a screw it’s a. I think it’s a three millimeter and i i think on my other car, i used a three by twelve and the screw comes through and hits this little tab and it keeps the suspension from going quite so far down it limits the travel there’s. Another way you can do that by opening up the shock and you put a little piece of fuel line. You got to take the bottom off of it completely disassemble the shock and you put a little piece of nitro fuel line over that which also limits the travel of the shock. Ⅰ, like the droop, screw option better myself if it’s an if it’s an option on your vehicle, some of them don’t, but this has place for group screws in the front and in the rear, 550 电机, not sure what the turn count is on this i’m.

我是. Thinking it’s around a 21 转动电机, but i don’t know that for sure and the esc is labeled with a maximum voltage of 7.4 60 mpsc and i’ve seen several people put the put a 3s battery in here and instantly got smoke out of it. So you uh do that at your own risk, but i do not recommend running a 3s unless you want to change all the electronics out and start from scratch at least change to a brushed uh, 1060 或 1080 埃斯克. The motor probably will handle the 3s okay, but the esc does not and i’ve seen people that Music there’s two basic circuits in here. One of them, is for the servo and the other circuit is for the for the motor and i’ve seen them lose. The motor circuit and i’ve seen them lose the servo circuit by running a 3s battery, so just stay away from 3s unless you’re just feeling real froggy and want to jump out and do it. But don’t say that i didn’t tell you so david said it was. 好, now david did not say it’s, 好, so if you’ve seen the one four four zero zero one, this is basically a stretched version of that car i’ll drag the one four four zero zero one over here, so you can take a look. This is my uh brushless version: it’s uh it’s running at 28, 45 with a stock uh 27 tooth pinion in it running a gyro receiver.

This one does about 60 miles an hour on the stock tires. I think it’ll go faster. If i do something different with the tires and find a better place to run it, but so anyway, so we’re looking at uh, i think this is 50 毫米, so just a little under what would that be it’d be around two inches um or just under two Inches, i forget how that the difference between the metric and sae is but that’s the difference, and it makes this a little more stable for the guys that are wanting to do. Speed runs on it and it’s a little easier to handle with the longer wheelbase but other than that um. The electronics, 答案是肯定的, mine’s, not stock anymore. The electronics are essentially the same as one four four zero: 零一. They. This comes in a one, 二, 四零一, eight i have that buggy also, but it’s more of a an off road style buggy. This essentially, is just like the one four four: zero zero one with an extended chassis. So if you’ve never seen this car before i’m really pleased with the way the this whole series, the one four four zero zero one, 一, 两个四零一: eight and one two four zero one: nine i haven’t driven this one yet, but i don’t expect any Surprises out of it uh they do have a central drive. Shaft the the pinion gear is metal, the spur gear is plastic.

个人, i don’t have any issue with that, and you can’t see this real well, but here’s the motor mount there it’s not adjustable it. Doesn’T need to be because they did a really precise job of the lash, with this there’s, a bearing for the drive, shaft and it’s a captured, bearing underneath this little plate right here and the nice thing about. That is no matter what the power level you put to this there’s no gear deflection uh, because the the drive shaft is captured only this far away from the pinion, so there’s no deflection with no deflection the lash in the gears. Isn’T changing i’ve not seen anybody rip out a spur gear unless they’ve gone in and made this adjustable and changed the gears and done other stuff. But as long anybody with the stock configuration with the captured motor non adjustable and the captured uh drive, shaft i’ve not seen a single one, that’s been left in that configuration rip out the plastic spur one thing that i heard and i haven’t seen yet, but on This version, the latest version of the car, which i assume this is they put uh aluminum hexes in here instead of the plastic hexes, but i don’t know if that is true or not we’re, going to learn that one together. 事实上, it has an aluminum hex, so that’s one thing i don’t mind about not getting the very first version of any of these cars when they come out uh.

One of the things that i appreciate with wl toys is the fact that, as people are having problems, if a lot of people have the same issue, there’s an issue if you’re, the only one that has the issue you’re the issue. But w.l toys is really good about listening to people as they have problems and they come in and fix them. The first generation the axles were too uh a little bit too short and the wheel nuts were falling off because he didn’t have enough engagement in the nylon to lock them into place. They the second version of the one, 四四零零一. They fixed that the first version of these they had the wrong oil in the shocks and they are they’ve changed the piston i don’t know which one i’ll open these up and see if i can figure that out. But these are, these are very nice, 所以, 整体, 为止, i’ll uh i’m gon na say it looks like they’ve done some uh metal changes. Now these appear to be, i don’t know if that’s anodization or some kind of a a surface die uh could be either one, but it it seems like a slightly different alloy than what was on the original one. Four four: 零零一. It seems to be a little stronger i’m assuming it’s uh. I hate to assume. So let me just verify i just grabbed a magnet to make sure that was still aluminum, and it is so overall i’m really really happy with what they’ve done with this and uh i’m.

Actually glad i uh waited a little bit. This version seems to be the best version so far for those of you that are kind of new to the hobby. There is a plastic film that comes on these cars and you can lift that and peel it off what i generally do when i’m, especially when i get a car that i haven’t driven before i like to leave that on there it’ll get kind of nappy and Frayed and somewhere down the line, i’ll peel it off, then it looks like i’ve got a new car again for a little while. So i generally leave that on there until i get the feel of the car a little bit better, get hopefully better at not flipping it over this one, 我认为, is going to be reasonably stable and i’m really liking what they did with the shocks right out Of the box it’s a it really is ready to run so i’ll do a run. Video it’s 10 degrees here, which is what uh minus 12 celsius. So we’re not going to go out and do a run video today, if it warms up in the next day or two i’ll, try to get a run. Video in on this and pretty much everyone i’ve seen is hitting uh between 30 和 32 英里每小时. I don’t expect this one to be any different, but i’ll throw a gps on it. Just for funsies. I appreciate everybody uh, taking a look at this thing, i’ll throw a link in there.

如果您想选择其中之一, there will be a coupon code for some percentage off and it is an affiliate link. So if you pick up one through the website, i get a nickel or a quarter or something i don’t know.