I buy this three years ago, and this is my first plane that i can fly it and let’s see what the modification, so the modification is uh. This is not the original motor. This is the motor from the fx803 piper g3 cup, 好吧, so let’s look inside. So this thing is getting detachable right now and you see there is the receiver right there, the mini fx803 receiverand this is the connector on the windshield receiver it’s on the windshield receiver. The batteries will in and cannot be detachable like this, so i’m gon na replace with fx803 receiver, so your battery can be connected or unplugged or changed with another battery right. So for this modification, the battery you can use is 220 mah from the fx803 400 mah from fly star sky hunter and 500 mah from the dhd d5 right. So so you can see i plucked the battery like this. First in you need to plug in right. For the 500 image you need to plug in first, and then you insert this into like this now you can see the the lamp is blinking and the battery is already inside here from this way to this way as long right, so just close it and tape. It again turn on your transmitter up down and you can run the motor all right. This motor is twice power, then than the original transmitter. You know you can see the original transmitter power.

On the last video on this wenching dolphin, the motor is twice power than the last receiver. So so you can see it has a good climb rate. You can also use a 2200. You can also use a 220 mah for indoor or slow fly setup and don’t. Forget to recalibrate your cg, the new champion or the tail heavy one. 给我的, the cg is right here for the indoor flying and this way for the outdoor flying all right. So this is in a review on this uh. 哦, 对不起, guys uh for the transmitter. This is not the original transmitter. I still have the original one here. 是的, but unfortunately i i cannot. I cannot bind this transmitter into that receiver, so i so i just use the fx8031 all right so there’s enough review for this uh f8 uh wing chun small dolphin wincheon, 9101 and let’s see on the outdoor to fly this plane. 好, 看看吧: 音乐, 音乐.