And if you missed the reviews, I’ll link them in the description box below so do check them out or today I have another brand new product by Zito. This is their latest v6 Wireless Keyboard, remote control. This is the latest version. It’S just been released now this is an air mouse, remote control with a built in gyroscope and a full QWERTY keyboard. Now this will work great on these Android TV boxes and really enhance your experience. Not only that Zillow have designed this product, so it will work on any device. So you can use this on any device any system any platform, so it works on Android TV boxes mini PCs, Smart TVs, laptops, Mac books. It will basically work on any device. So let’s get out of the box and see what it looks like. So this is everything again the box beginning with a USB dongle, so this works via the USB dongle. So you just plug this into your device and it will immediately be connected. You don’t have to do anything else. You don’t have to pair it. You don’t have to press any combination button or anything like that. As soon as you plug this into your device, your remote control will be paired and that’s the beauty of having a USB dongle device. So this also comes with a micro, USB charging, cable and, last but not least, the new v6 remote here it is guys let’s peel this sticker off.

So here it is you’ve got a reflective remote with a doodoo logo. There volume button, navigational, you’ve, got your mousepad power button home button menu and back. Ok and you’ve got this flashing light, which would go steady as soon as you plug it into your device. Now, on the reverse, you have a full QWERTY keyboard: ok, there’s, no compartment for batteries, because the battery is built in rechargeable batteries. So you don’t need to worry about replacing that ever so you got a keyboard here: it’s full QWERTY, the buttons feel quite good to press. You can hear them and it feels quite good to type on at the bottom. Here you have your micro, USB charging and that’s about it, so it feels good in the hands. The remote does feel very nice it’s, not too big and not too small, it’s finishing in a shiny, reflective black and again it does look very nice. It looks like a very expensive remote control. I, like the flexibility, that you can use this as a regular, remote and also a full QWERTY keyboard when you need to do some typing. This is an air Mouse with a gyroscope, so you’ll be able to wave it around just like the Nintendo Wii. If you remember that console so, let me give you a quick demonstration, I’m going to plug this in and I’m actually going to plug this. In. To my H, 96 max, I know it’s going to work fine with the zero devices there’s, no doubt about that.

But what I want to know is how well will it work on third party devices like the H 96 max, okay here’s, my H, 96. Max all I’m going to do is plug in the dongle okay press a button on the remote, and it goes steady and I’m ready to use. If I show you my screen so here’s my H, ninety six max I’ve got the remote plugged in and, as you can see, it works great now. You’Ve also got air mass function, you press the mouse key and immediately you will see the mouse cursor. So this works similar to how a Nintendo Wii would work. So it gives you real time control. You can just go to apps. You can select what you like you: can you can still scroll up and down with the buttons and you can select any app. You like I’ll, open up settings and you can see how easy that was so let’s try out the keyboard function, I’m, going to open up Google Play alright and I’m just going to search for something so let’s, just search for GTA san andreas and there you go We’Ve got GTA san andreas; in fact all the GTA games have come up now. Another feature you’ll see is our scrolling upwards, so I can use my gesture of my hand to scroll upwards and it makes things very convenient actually to navigate. You can navigate like that. You can also go left to right, so so I could select this part of the screen and I can scroll to the right and the position and accuracy is really good.

So there’s my playstation for the air mouse, obviously won’t work, but you can control the playstation 4. With this, as you can see, and it’s very good, you can also type if you do a lot of chatting on your ps4 and here’s a great option. Here’S, my MacBook, I plugged it in via the USBC hub and here is you can see it’s working great and if we go towards the bottom, all the icons are working volume, control and a full QWERTY keyboard, so it works on Mac as well. Well, I just plugged in the USB dongle to my LG television, and here it is working great now, LG actually try and sell you a Magic Remote for like 50 or something if you can see clearly that this does the same thing. The Magic Remote does. In fact, it seems much faster, much better, much more accurate and you also have a full QWERTY keyboard so and, as you can see, you can quite easily control your smart television with this remote control. So there you have it guys that was the zito v6 Wireless Keyboard remote. So this is a very well made remote control, which feels very comfortable in the hands the air mouse gyroscopes function was so smooth and accurate. There was no lag at all and it worked great. I love that this has a full QWERTY keyboard, which is nice and comfortable to type on. I tried this on my ps4 MacBook laptop smart television, Android TV box Windows laptop and it worked on all the devices perfectly and with that being said, I’ll leave the links in the description.

So you guys can check this product out. I will also leave the links for the 86 and the x7, so you can check them out to let me know in the description box below what you think of this remote control that’s. All for this video don’t forget to Like and subscribe.