Each one comes with a manual, a car, a remote and a usb charger, so it’s pretty cool because also when you put it in the tracks, it lights up, which is actually really really cool. So it’s going to be pretty epic when you try this out. So if you have two cars and two remotes, i will now show you how to use them, one controller for one car and one controller for the other car. Not so one controls controlling both cars. So the main thing is, you have all the remotes and the cars off in off position. So then first you have controller one, you have it on channel a and then you turn the controller on then the car on and then run it works. So now i have number controller, two click it’s on b. So now i turn this the controller on then i turn this car on. Then it only controls scarf, which is pretty cool right. If you get stuck there’s like this little, you can go backwards or forwards. So it’s actually pretty cool. You can just like if another place behind you, you can just bump them, which is really really cool. If you have two cars and two remotes, i have invited my little brother to race me and we’re. Gon na have a lot of fun: sammy let’s go Music Music, oh Applause. If you’re getting bored of your original track, it’s easy to change you just twist, some tubes, maybe flip it over see, and i got a new track, it’s pretty simple! So now, i’m.

Having a super cool night race with my brother and we’re, going to be showing you how cool it is when the cars are racing around, with their lights on in the tubes, let’s go Music, so here’s how to charge it. If you don’t have a usb plug, you can just plug it into your phone adapter, so you can put it in put the cable in and make sure the little bent part is on the front, and then you turn it on and also they charge for around 40 minutes when there’s a red light, while the car is on that’s when it’s fully charged – and you put the little piece into the car and then you’re charging – this is extreme. Okay.